Flow to Deliverry

Planning and development to
meet customer needs from taste to containers

Nowadays, each individual's preferences are respected, and soft drinks are no exception.
Chu-Hi, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, coffee, tea, health drinks...
each individual has different tastes in what he or she wants to drink at any given time.
Also, how to taste... The container is also important.
If beverages are like people, containers are fashion. Glass bottles, cans, PET bottles...、
To create individuality and emphasize attractiveness, choose containers with materials and shapes that match their contents.
We responds to the diverse needs of our customers, from OEM to private brand and contract manufacturing.

  • Hearing

    Please contact us with your desired specifications and formulation.

  • Formulation
    Sumple creation

    Based on the specifications we have heard from our customers,
    we will consider the formulation and create a sample.

  • Conduct
    Line test

    We conduct Line test depending on the product.

  • Procurement of materials and raw materials

    Procure various raw materials and materials.

  • Manufacturing

    Products are manufactured under thorough process control.

  • Inspection and Testing

    Conducts various inspections of products after manufacturing.

  • Determination of

    Based on the inspection, a determination is made as to whether the product is ready for shipment.

  • Shipping and Delivery

    The order will be shipped and delivered upon the result of the determination that the order is ready for shipment.
    Please contact us for product delivery.