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OEM/ODM business of ASEED BREW that can fulfill
"I want to make a beverage like this."

Nowadays, each individual's preferences are respected, and soft drinks are no exception.
Chu-Hi, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, coffee, tea, health drinks...
each individual has different tastes in what he or she wants to drink at any given time.
We meet the diverse needs of our customers by taking advantage of our location in the Kanto area
near major consumption centers and our know-how in planning, development, and manufacturing private brands and OEM/ODM.
Group companies also include HOSHAKU BEVERAGE CO.,LTD,
which has a plant in Hiroshima Prefecture and can manufacture lastic bottles and bottled beverages.

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We provide a one-stop service from planning, development, sample creation to manufacturing by listening to your desired specifications for OEM and ODM products.

Quality &

Initiatives for Quality

Quality control is one of the most important tasks in manufacturing. In order to live up to our customer's strict expectations and trust, ASEED BREW always maintains a high level of quality control by integrating "people, technology, and systems".

Item &
Line Capability

Can and soft pouch production items and Line capability

We manufactures approximately 10 million cases per year of a wide range of canned and soft pouch beverages, from low-alcohol beverages such as canned chu-hi to carbonated beverages and other soft drinks.